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How to Get More Leads!

1. How often do you search for a product or service on the internet?
For many people that is the only way to search - Online!

These are potential clients who are already looking for your service, so we do our best to bring them to you.

2. What Makes Us Different?
Don't confuse our service with normal online marketing, where talk is cheap. We don't do "clicks", or "visitors".

Our aim is to provide quality leads that will assist you in making more sales.

3. What You Can Expect to Receive:
- Leads, every week!
- Marketing and Client Sourcing
- Call Centre Services
- SMS and Email sent to you with each lead’s details
- Online log-in to view leads at any time,
- Schedule with a summary of the leads you have already received sent to you at the end of each bundle, and...
- Modern customised website for your products or services, to assist in generating leads. (This remains our property).

4. How To Get Started:
Let us know if you want a bundle.
You need a Cellphone number to receive lead details
You need an Email address to receive lead details
You must be willing and able to contact leads within 5 minutes of receiving their details

THAT’S IT! You’re good to GO!

Give Us a Try!
What have you got to lose?
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Receive Unique Leads!

1. Your leads are unique to you!
We will Not send your leads to any other provider. So you will Not compete with our other clients for the same sale.

2. We have a call centre!
Our call centre will contact the lead within 5-minutes of their enquiry. This will increase your chances of impressing this potential client.

3. We screen our leads!
If the lead is not relevant to your service, the details will not be forwarded to you.

4. Our packages are Pre-Paid!
No long-term contracts or tie-ins. You buy a bundle of leads, and you can decide if you want to buy another bundle later.

5. You can Top-Up any time!
The packages are pre-paid and the leads come in bundles. Usually between 10-20 per bundle; depending on industry. You can top-up at any time with a new bundle.

6. We’ve done our research
We have done research to determine whether your product or service is marketable online.

7. Our research is ongoing
We are always looking for methods to improve our service and provide you better quality leads.

8. We protect your Business Name
We do not put your company name, brand or image on our websites and in doing so we cannot do you or your business any harm. We also block anyone harvesting details online, so you won’t end up with tons of spam!

Your Next Move?
Contact Us to find out more about obtaining Quality Leads! 083 310 1428


Costs and How It Works?

1. Leads are purchased in bundles.
The size of the bundle will depend on the type of industry but is usually between 10 to 20 per bundle.

We design our marketing websites to bring in leads; nothing less and nothing more.

2. NO long-term contracts or tie-ins!
You can walk away at any time, as long as you’ve received all the leads in your bundle you have no obligation to buy another package.

3. We DON’T Spam to get leads:
Our aim is to bring potential clients who are already looking for your services and products direct to you.

- We do Not Bulk-Email
- We do Not Bulk-SMS
- We do Not Mass-market
- We do Not Cold call
- We do Not use Flashing banners
- We do Not use Pop-up banners
- We do Not use Newsletters
- We do Not use Keyword spamming
- We do Not send False leads
- We do Not buy client details to sell as leads

Bottom line:
We Don’t Spam People to Get Leads!

Industries we unfortunately do not cover :
- Loyalty Cards
- Financial Planning and Services
- Long/Short Term Insurance
- Personal Loans
- Tourism, Travel and Accomodation
- Local "suburb" wide businesses like Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, and so on.

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